Pop Up ∙ February 2022

on behalf of Lietuvos kultūros institutas / Lithuanian Culture Institute
as part of the Lithuanian Book Fair „Vilniaus knygų mugė 2022"

"Jaunimo taškas" - an initiative of "Lithuanian Culture Institute" for "Book Fair 2022", where events for young people were held.

The temporary nature of the project led to a focus on the application of reusable and recyclable materials.

The L-shaped structure of modular scaffolding forms stage, workshop and audience space, tribune and book library.

The volume is filled with construction safety nets. Cardboard surfaces complement the structure as an interactive quote wall. The cardboard material is also found in the furniture and the title inscription.

Scaffolding: UAB „TRANSRIFUS“, Garliava

Support by: VIVISTOP UŽUPIS, Vilnius

Tribüne mit Ausguck
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